why pakistan is so worried about our gov our army  
and what you know about pak and paksitan govt is hiding many thing from you and your army celebrating fake winning, 
people are misguided to attack on india they are pakistani the people who take the advantage of jihad and send poor people to attack on j&k, 
i think you should raise your voice against pakistan fake gov who is eating your money 
why pakistan is not developed why you people are not bale to take part in Olympic games have you guys ever asked your govt . ??? no han, 
first make yourself correct then talk about other county and no govt of india is cutting the truth we know everything and india is developing country :) and we are the best 
hacking some shit website and giving message wont change anything it will in news for 2-3 days but no one remember that on 4th day grow up kid . 
teach the people who misuse of jihad to kill innocent kashmiri , 
indian army are saving kashmir from terror jihad there face look innocent but they are not   so understand the truth   
hope you understood :) 
jai hind #shanti 

Hacked by Mr. Po Panda